Metal Welding & Fabrication in Suisun City, CA

Bringing over 45 years of welding experience to every job, Lippstreu Portable Welding Services is your top choice for metal welding projects. Our expertise as a metal fabrication shop allows us to serve clients in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

We Offer the Following Full-Line of Welding Services


Steel Fabricator

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding

Our metal fabricators have the capabilities to provide repairs for wastewater treatment facilities, to ensure the continued integrity of their operation and the longevity of their components.

Metal Fabricator

MIG Welding

Our steel fabricators have a keen eye for flaws and imperfections when it comes to assessing the integrity of hulls, bridges, power plants and water towers. We’re also versed in ships husbandry and can provide repairs for your vessel.

With expertise in all industry-leading metal welding methods, it’s easy to see why Lippstreu Portable Welding Services is the leading steel fabricator in Fairfield, Cordelia, Suval, Fairfield, and Vacaville, CA. We are a C60 welding contractor and are a proud member of the AWS and NHRA.

For hassle-free on-site metal fabrication services, contact Lippstreu Portable Welding Services today. Our steel fabrication shop can be reached at 707-301-6741.